About Me

My name is Fletcher Stone.  I am a 19-y/o Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation Biology Undergraduate Student at North Carolina State University.  I have a passion for phylogeny, evolutionary biology, and ecology through the lens of native species.  I also have a passion for conservation through political activism, as well as the anthropological relationship with nature.

I have created this website, as well as my Instagram page, to document my travels and my finds, as well as create a mode of public influence through which I can raise awareness of native fish and conservation to colleagues, friends, and the general public.

You can see some of my travels, opinion pieces, and guides in the Blog  section.  In the Lifelist section you can see a photo gallery of every fish species I have caught on hook and line.  In the Sampling section, you can see a photo gallery of species I have caught by methods other than hook and line.  Next, at the Fish Collection Map I compile an interactive map of many of the spots I have caught fish, with the goal of helping whoever needs it to seek out a species.  In the Lifelist Stats page you can see a detailed ist of every single fish I have caught on hook and line since I began keeping records in 2018.  Lastly, in my Links page, I maintain a comprehensive collection of links that go to many internet sources, other social media pages, records I have kept, as well as a detailed collection of research journal I have found interesting over time.

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